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Whether you are starting a new start up business or you have an old business it doesn't matter, this is a world which companies without an interactive and direct contact to customers, business or individuals, will loose the market.

Now both businesses and customers have understood the power and ease of being online. More and more people shop online, and more and more businesses start their online presentation and storefronts.

Pooyesh Computer Service staff are here to help you win this so competetive market. We present a series of web related services which let you: first creat your online interface to your customers, then promote it to grab more customers, while we can also help you maintain your sites to be always up and running.

  • Web Design
  • Electronic commerce and online storefronts
  • Professional consultancy services
  • Shopping cart development
  • Web forms
  • CGI/Perl, Java, JavaScript, and other programming services.
  • Linux and Unix server maintenance
  • Site automation and control panels
  • Website maintenance by professional webmasters
  • Website redesign and upgrades
  • Internet marketing, promotion and advertising, etc.
  • Dedicated or virtual web hosting
  • Web site graphics, in association with Pooyesh GFX

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To order any of above services, or for FREE help and advices on your project, simply email order staff or fill in the secure order form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We always do our best to satisfy our customers, we respect your time and needs.

It is the time to decide about it. We will help you easily create a new online business or grow your existing one, and you too can be one of those lucky persons who let their dreams happen, and built their businesses on the most interesting business revolution, at the beginning of the 21th century. You will win!

You may ask for more details by emailing order staff.


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