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Ok, you have designed and launched your web site, or you have opened your online storefront. But how you grab visitors and customers' attention to come across your site and see your products, and possibly buy them or pay for your services?! How you can sell products or services when nobody knows you are selling them?

Even more than the traditional businesses, what can make your online business successful is Marketing.

You have always 2 choices for marketing your products and online services. The first choice is the traditional method, using flyers, posters, radio, TV, newspapers etc. that many of us know about it. The second method which is more effective these days specially for online businesses is what people call internet marketing.

Why we call it more effective? Because the target users are most of the times known, and they are online at the same time. More than that, they can come to your site instantly, and if you present products online, they can buy and pay instantly. This is why all expert businesses use internet marketing for selling more products everyday.

Unlike the traditional method, this type of marketing is mostly based on indirect advertising. After more than 4 years of internet marketing experiences, Pooyesh staff are ready to share their expertise in this field to help you grab more visitors (traffic), design marketing strategies and make your products sell!

We have internet marketing soloutions for all types of budgets!

  • Website promotion
  • Professional search engine submission
  • Meta tag generation and redefinition
  • Designing affiliate programs
  • Banner Advertising
  • E-Newsletter advertising
  • Making visitors came back to your site!
  • Adding revenue to high traffic sites
  • Expert consultants on any or all of above services

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To order any of above services, or for FREE help and advices on your project, simply email orderstaff or fill in the secure order form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You may ask for more details by emailing order staff.


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