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Growing list of clients and projects!

In this page we are trying to keep a list of links of our valuable clients and also a few of our completed projects. Ofcourse we can not include all projects specially the smaller ones, but only a few of the bigger ones which can help you better decide about our services. This list is a mix of web and non-web related projects, hardware, software complex, etc. If you wanted more information on any of them, please email us.

  • 2001 Home Electronics : Full web site and ECommerce Design
  • 2001 Sorkh ISP : IT Consultancy
  • 2001 Nimac : Hosting, IT Consaltancy
  • 2001 ICG-Iran : Hosting, IT Consultancy
  • 2001 Qoqnoos : Hosting, Internet Applications, ECommerce
  • 2000-2001 Iran Railroads Co.: Installation of Siemense and Alcatel automation systems for 2 new stations
  • Aug-2000 iprivate.com : Internet application.
  • Aug-2000 callsusan.com : Site design and Hosting.
  • JUL-2000 Realtoreferral.com : Complete site design.
  • MAY-2000 AZAD newspaper : Complete site design.
  • APR-2000 HomeSavingsNetwork : Internet Application.
  • APR-2000 AdirectSource : Internet Application.
  • Ongoing Pooyesh mall : Whole site design and maintenance
  • Ongoing Pooyesh GFX : Whole site design and maintenance
  • NOV-1999 AfraNet : Training courses on web design
  • NOV-1999 TehranTimes newspaper : AdSpace marketing
  • 1998-1999 University of Tehran : Environment Control system for bactery growth room
  • 1998 Sharif University : Heat controller part for Gas Chromatography systems
  • 1998 Multilingual Text announcement LED system, Persian/English/...
  • 1998 Interface for Recorder and Integrator for Gas Chromatography systems
  • 1997 XY Recorder for Polarograph system
  • 1996 SANCHASB: A Polymer Adhesion Measurement System which won the 3rd prize of the innovation in KHARAZMI scientific annual festival
  • 1996 Dr. Azarangi : EEG, EMG
  • 1993 PARTO-NEGAAR: Gamma Camera medical image processing software
  • 1992 Controller Window; Computer Controlled Language Laburatory
  • 1991 Improvement of Thiroid systems, Computerizing


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