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We are working hard to prepare our online software store front to let our valuable customers order these items using their credit cards, just like our other storefront called Pooyesh mall. We expect our software store will be ready in a few days, but till then we don't want you loose your valuable time, so the list of products is here so you can order the items by personal checks, and as soon as we receive your order, we will install the software on your system.

The installation of each copy takes less than one day usually, and you need only to order the product with the specifications of your system, by filling the regular order form.

Most of these products need a Unix/Linux environment and Perl program etc. If you are not familiar with these terms, there is no problem just fill in the order form and we will try to find your hosting configurations.

If you needed, we can also adapt the products to work with other system configurations.

All prices are in US Dollar

  • CGI/Perl products and services:
    • Message board installation ($50)
    • Fileupload script installation ($75)
    • Page counter installation ($50)
    • Newsletter installation ($95)
    • Greetings card software ($435)
    • Control Panel software for sites ($620)
    • Dynamic product page content generator ($650)
    • Website Search Engine installation ($65)
    • Form mailer ($65)

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To order any of above services, or for FREE help and advices on your project, simply email order staff or fill in the secure order form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You may ask for more details by emailing order staff.

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